The Lakes


1) Lough Currane

Lough Currane is the largest lake in the waterville system, with the majority of the fishing done here for salmon and sea-trout. It is appox. 2,500 acres in size, with many islands and sheltered bays for fishing. It is regarded as the best sea-trout fishery in Ireland and has accounted for 98% of the specimen sea-trout caught in Ireland over the last 10 years. It is also well known as an early Spring salmon fishery.


2) Lough Derriana

Lough Derriana is the top lake in the system, and has good salmon and sea-trout fishing from May onwards. It also has good sized brown-trout!


3) Lough Namona

Lough Namona is the nearest lake to Lough Currane and again fishes well from May on; with Salmon, Sea-trout and Brown Trout.


4) Lough Cloonaghlin

Lough Cloonaghlin is joined to Lough Namona with a 500-metre river and is best known for its sea-trout.